Remove discordant energies and "stuck" emotions from your home or business. Feel more productive, positive and harmonious in your space. 



Home or Business Energy Clearing

After a home energy clearing, people feel more relaxed, positive and harmonious. The clearing helps home sellers sell their house faster, without a price reduction. Home buyers will feel great in their home after a clearing, creating a fresh start by removing the previous owners' energetic "residue."

After a business energy clearing, people feel more productive and abundant, and attract the type of clients or customers they want to do business with. Employees feel great working in the business, which helps with retention and a sense of purpose. 

I utilize a number of techniques to perform a home or business energy clearing (also known as a space clearing) in your space. I use Reiki (an energy healing modality), crystals, essential oils and a pendulum. I get results.

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I listed my home over six months ago without any offers and pulled it from the market. After reducing the home price and incorporating some staging, I decided to re-list it. Heather came in for a house clearing which was sorely needed.

Upon entering the home, she detected some energy imbalances - even a lot flickering lights. After two hours of her work, the house felt lighter, fresher and more peaceful. She picked up on a water leak in the master bedroom. She was spot on; we had a previously repaired spot in the ceiling there. Heather felt that it was still unresolved and we should further investigate. She mentioned that a leak in the house drains your resources.

Not only was Heather terrific with communication, she was kind, informative, honest and good at what she does. I highly recommend a house clearing whether you’re selling or buying. As a new realtor, I can’t wait to refer Heather to my clients. She definitely can help you get that house sold.
— Ann Marie Sosa, Owner/Agent, Austin, TX
I was interested in having Heather come clear our new home to support us in our fresh start. The home had previously been a “serial rental” home, with new tenants in and out every year or other year. With all of this movement, and so many people having come and gone, I wanted to make sure that we were living in a space that was unblocked of any negative energy, and that would really allow us to thrive.

Heather was so incredible! She is deeply intuitive, very professional, and was such a pleasure to have in our home! While she was doing the energy clearing, I noticed my body feeling tingly and an intense feeling of peace and joy. We slept deeper the night of the energy clearing, and people have mentioned how welcome and how nice they feel in our home since Heather did her work.

The process of buying/selling, moving, etc., is hectic and can bring a lot of stress, so marking our fresh start in this home, and having Heather clear the home’s energy really made our transition feel better and more peaceful. I so highly recommend her! You’ll be so glad you call her.
— Karen V., Owner Austin, TX
My name is Elisia, and I am the founder of Teddy V. Pâtisserie, where I make and sell artisanal chocolate chip cookies out of my home kitchen. Because I create a product that customers consume, it was my hope that the energy clearing would help me create the best product for my customers consumption, as well as make my home a partner in the work that I create.

Heather is so excellent to work with surrounding energy synergy. She is so thoughtful about those she works with, often bringing premeditated thoughts and observations about me and my work to our scheduled time together. Additionally, she is incredibly thorough with the clearing, bringing in crystals, aromatherapy, Reiki, and burning sage among other things! And on top of it all, she leaves a list with you that is so easy to understand that allows you to regularly clear the energy within your own workspace, too.

After my energy clearing with Heather I definitely noticed an uptick in my home working with me as a partner in my business.
— Elisia Velasquez, Owner, Teddy V. Patisserie


About Heather

I'm Heather, the energy synergist

I'm an Austin-based energy healer who has a knack for sensing discordant energies in physical spaces. Aside from my intuitive abilities, I have advanced, specialized training that enables me to disperse and remove these low-level energies and "stuck" emotions from homes and businesses. I’m also able to remove entities and “cut cords” from previous people who lived in the home.

I am also able to clear homes via distance methods, so I can work with clients even if they aren’t in the Austin area.

As a former high-tech professional, I am able to connect with people and explain the energy clearing process in an understandable, accessible way. 

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