Rally the Troops

I recently provided an energy clearing (also known as a space clearing) for a restaurant on South Congress Avenue. The owners are a married couple with previous restaurant experience. Unfortunately, they bought the restaurant on good faith that the previous owners were truthful and on the “up and up” when presenting financial information to them about the restaurants revenue. Even though my clients used a lawyer to review the financials, they wound up buying a restaurant that was not making money, even though they thought it was.

The restaurant owners had made a number of attempts to get the business to profitability, including changing the menu, and then changing the restaurant name. By the time they called me, they were attempting to sell the restaurant and wanted me to provide a clearing to facilitate that process, and to possibly start to bring in some revenue.

During the energy clearing, I jotted down notes of intuitive information that came to me. I received information about how their financial situation was really present and causing a “heavy” feeling in the restaurant (which I cleared out). I also knew that someone who had worked behind the bar had stolen money – I didn’t know if this was one of their employees or someone who worked for the previous owners.

The owners had a started a catering business in addition to running the restaurant and had to store their large amount of catering equipment in part of their restaurant. I intuitively knew this clutter was causing bad energy flow in their restaurant, plus was a barrier to them selling the restaurant (in energetic terms) because when we have a lot of “stuff” it ties up our energy and resources and doesn’t invite in new opportunities.

After the energy clearing, I spent a lot of time focused specifically on getting intuitive information for the owners about how to best move forward with the sale of the restaurant. I typically get intuitive information through clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairvoyance (clear seeing). I heard “business broker” and “rally the troops” as well as “think outside the box.”

I provided all this information to the owner and told her about the business broker. She said that they had been using one but that they stopped working with him because he wasn’t very helpful. I told her to find another one.

I told her that “rally the troops” and “think outside the box” meant that she and her husband were supposed to find a buyer in an unconventional way and were supposed to enlist the help of EVERYONE they knew to help them with the situation. I told them they needed to tell everyone they knew that they were trying to sell, and ask for referrals to others that could help spread the message. I told them that in addition to the standard methods of selling a restaurant, they needed to be really creative in their approach.

If you have a business that is currently having difficulty, I would love to be able to provide a clearing and intuitive information as part of my services that will help you get clarity about your next steps, or get your business back on track.

heather riderComment