Reducing the Home's Sale Price Shouldn’t Be the First Option

If your home is on the market, it’s priced right and shows well, chances are your Realtor will suggest a price reduction if you aren’t getting offers. This is standard practice, with a price reduction of anywhere from $5,000 and up, depending on the home’s price, location, time on market, etc. Further price reductions are common as well; sellers keep dropping the home’s price per the Realtor’s suggestion, thinking that it the solution to getting an offer.

But what if there were a better first attempt at a sale than lowering the price, especially if it is drastically less expensive than a $5k price reduction? The alternative to a price reduction is a home energy clearing. An energy clearing (also known as space clearing) will make your home feel great to prospective buyers when they tour the home. We all know that the way a house feels to prospective buyers is often more than whether or not the home has all of the “wish list” items a buyer make be looking for. Even if the house has everything the buyer wants, the buyer may pass on the house if something feels “off” about the house.

An energy clearing will remove discordant energies and trapped or stuck emotions from the house. When buyers walk through, they will unconsciously notice whether or not they feel at home in the house. After an energy clearing, potential buyers will walk through the house and feel good and at ease; they won’t walk through feeling as if something is amiss or “heavy” in the house. They will be able to imagine themselves living in the home and will envision themselves making the house their own.

Typical energy clearing sessions start at just a few hundred dollars and are often priced based on the size of the home. This will vary by your regional area and by the skillset of the practitioner conducting the clearing. So, for far less than a price reduction, you may find a solution to getting your home sold. I think it’s a “no brainer” to first try an energy clearing on the home to see if that gets the sale, before trying a price drop of thousands of dollars.

When I come into clear a house that has been sitting on the market, there have usually been multiple price drops and the seller and Realtor are getting frustrated that the house isn’t selling. They will call me to see if I can “fix” the issue. In these instances, I always wish they would have called me first, before the price drop(s). If you are currently in a situation where your house or your listing isn’t selling, an energy clearing is the best first step, before considering a price reduction.

heather riderComment