Powerful Energy Clearing Crystals

I truly love crystals and love to shop for them. Going to the crystal shop (or even shopping for crystals online) is incredibly fun for me. I have two different books about crystals that I look at quite frequently, as well as some website that I read to further my knowledge.

I always use crystals in my energy clearing sessions (also known as space clearing) because they are very powerful tools.

But why? How do they work? Well, a big part of what I’m doing in an energy clearing is removing discordant, stuck, or low-level emotions from the home or office. Each crystal has its own frequency and any emotion that doesn’t match the frequency of the crystal is “cleared” by the crystal. The crystal is transmuting, or changing, the energy.

There are a number of crystals that I use in my energy clearings, which I commonly place in grids on the floor. A grid is a configuration of crystals, meaning a pattern. I don’t just plop them down on the floor randomly!

These are some of the crystals that I commonly use in my energy clearings, and ones that I recommend that people buy if they want to have crystals out in their homes.

Amethyst: Supports calm, balance, and peaceful energies that can help you connect to your higher spiritual self. Promotes clarity of mind, calmness, patience, and balance.

Rose quartz: This crystal comes equipped with healing, nurturing energy. It supports all of the many forms of love: self-love, familial, romance, platonic relationships, and unconditional love.

Selenite: A highly vibrational stone. It raises the energy of the environment in which it resides. Has cleansing and purifying properties, which in turn promote harmony and a bounty of pure, peaceful energy that creates personal transformation and growth.

Citrine: Boost your concentration, focus and mental stamina through this stone. It is associated with mental clarity, dispelling doubts, and reaffirming self-worth to bring about success, expansion, and personal power. It is a powerful stone of abundance.

I usually recommend that people place the amethyst in their bedroom, the rose quartz in their kitchen, selenite on a windowsill and citrine at their desk or another place where they work on mental tasks. I hope you wind up loving crystals as much as I do!

heather riderComment