An Emotional Attachment to Physical Objects

I recently provided an energy clearing for a home owner who moved into her house after a series of renters had lived there. She told me she didn't feel fully at home in the house, and there was one room in particular that she didn't particularly like to be in. 

As I moved through her house, I spent time in her office. When I was near the closet, I decided to open the door. The second I did, a thought popped into my head. "She has a strong emotional attachment to something in this closet." I decided to spend extra time clearing the closet, and talk with her after I was done.

Once I finished clearing the house, I told the home owner about the information I "picked up on" in the closet and she verified that she did indeed have items in the closet that had very special meaning to her. Some of the items were jewelry that had belonged to her grandfather, who had passed away. 

She asked me if she should move some of the items to other locations in the house so there wasn't so much emotional energy all in the same space. I advised against that, as I felt that would just disperse the energy throughout the house. I recommended that she regularly ring a bell in the office, and the closet in particular, to clear the energy. This is especially important because the room is her home office, and she is a small business owner. I wanted that room to be "clear" so she is productive and open to money flow. 

Having an emotional attachment to physical objects is normal and very common. And while there isn't anything inherently wrong with some items in your home or business fitting into this category, having an emotional attachment to too many things, or a lot of clutter in your space can really cause a lot of energetic issues. You'll wind up being unproductive, feel scattered, or might feel "stuck" in some areas of your life. 

I tell you this story to illustrate the power of clearing the energy in your space, plus the concept of only keeping items you truly love and need. When you make space in your space, new people and opportunities will appear in your life, often in magical ways. 

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