Why Reiki is My Most Powerful Tool for Energy Clearings

When I come into a home or business to perform an energy clearing (also known as a space clearing or space cleansing), I utilize a number of techniques to clear the space of low level discordant energies and stuck or stagnant emotions.

In the energy clearing, I burn sage (also known as smudging) if the client is open to the smoke being in their space temporarily. I also use crystals, diffuse essential oils, ring a bell and use a pendulum. But my most powerful tool in a space clearing is Reiki.

Reiki is an energy healing modality that comes from a Japanese lineage and is handed down from one Reiki Master to another. I became a Reiki Master a number of years ago. As I’ve grown professionally as an energy healer, my intuitive skills have become increasingly stronger. This opening of intuition is a natural extension of Reiki, where the student becomes a channel for healing ability. When the channel is opened, the intuition is opened as well.

There are specific Reiki symbols that I utilize in an energy clearing that “amp up” the Reiki that flows through my hands, powerfully removing unwanted energies. Simply put, the discordant energies are transmuted by the high vibrational power of the Reiki.

Just as important as the clearing that Reiki provides are the intuitive messages I receive while using Reiki in the space clearing. I start to receive messages the minute I start clearing a space, but the messages come through more easily and often very clearly when I am utilizing Reiki in the space.

Here are some very important intuitive “knowings” I’ve received in clearings: I knew there was ongoing water damage in the master bedroom closet (the owner verified that they had a roof leak that they thought fixed the issue). I knew that a home owner had an emotional attachment to items that were in a particular closet in her home office (the owner verified that she stored dance costumes from her professional work as a flamenco dancer, plus jewelry from her deceased grandfather). I knew that a small business, in which the office was in a newly constructed building had faulty wiring in the bathroom. The owner verified that they had plumbing issues, so she wasn’t surprised when I told her there were wiring issues in that location.

Every home and business can benefit from an energy clearing from a Reiki Master. Contact me to book your session.

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