Previous Home Owners' Energetic Attachments

In the past week, I was hired to perform two energy clearings (also known as space clearings) related to the same underlying cause for concern. For one energy clearing, the current home owner bought the house as a “fix and flip” and the house has been for sale for a long time (by Austin standards). The previous owner is an elderly woman who has gone to live in a nursing home.

For the other energy clearing, the previous home owner died while she still owned the home. A prospective buyer who lives in California contacted me for an intuitive reading on the house because she was very concerned that the previous owner died IN the house. She was also concerned because the owner was a psychologist who saw clients out of the home and the prospective buyer was worried about “heavy energy.”

While both of these scenarios are very different, the underlying concern and need for the energy clearing is the same. In both instances, the homes had “energetic attachments” from the previous owners.

Let me explain further. For the “fix and flip” house, the previous owner went into a nursing home. The seller doesn’t know many details about the woman, but was able to find out her name (it was actually the woman’s son who sold the house) and did know that she went into the nursing home. When the seller called me to talk about the energy clearing, I immediately knew intuitively, without being told, that the previous owner was elderly and either went into hospice or a nursing home. The seller confirmed that it was a nursing home.

The previous owner had such a strong tie, or energetic attachment, to the house, that I received the intuitive information just through the phone conversation. When I went to do the energy clearing in the home, I spent a lot of time focused on “cutting” the energetic cord between the previous owner and the house. Because the elderly woman didn’t want to leave she had bound herself to the house and that is why it hasn’t sold, despite being beautifully remodeled and having had five, yes five, open houses. In addition to the energetic cord cutting during the energy clearing, I spent a lot of time infusing the house energetically with what I refer to as healing white light. I was infusing the house with feel-good energy so that the future buyers would be drawn to the house and feel good when they walk into it for a home tour.

For the second house, I was quickly able to assess that the owner did not die in the house, which was a big reassurance to the prospective buyer. And because she had passed on, her energetic cords in the house were not as strong as the other house where the elderly woman didn’t want to leave. However, I was able to discern during the energy clearing many of the previous owners “quirks” that remained in the house. She had a fear of the house’s yard, which was actually a small back yard and a very big side yard which was unfenced and opened up right by a hike and bike trail with a lot of foot traffic. The house has a number of French doors and I knew that the owner felt very uncomfortable with so many access points into the house. To rectify the residual issue during the energy clearing, I laid down a “grounding grid” with grounding stones by the French door that led to the side yard in order to disperse her fear and set up a protection barrier in the house from the outside.

The previous owner also didn’t like her work. During the energy clearing, I felt very dense energy in the office and knew intuitively that there was something either dissatisfying to her about her work or an animosity towards it. I spent a lot of time in the office breaking apart the stagnant energy, using my chime repeatedly to make a very loud ringing sound to disrupt and break apart the energy.

Finally, the previous owner was a heavy smoker and the house literally reeked of cigarette smoke, which you could smell right when walking in the door. The prospective buyer was very concerned that this smell was in part a “phantom smell”, with the smell coming from the previous owner’s ghost or some energetic attachment. I was able to discern that the smell was truly stuck smoke in the walls, not a phantom smell. The woman’s smoking in the house was actually validation to me that she had a fear of the outside, because the side yard is very beautiful. Instead of smoking outside, she smoked in the house, with the windows closed. Unfortunately, for the smoke smell there was nothing I could do about that! A service company specializing in odor issues will have to be called to fix that problem.

If you have a house that you purchased or are thinking about purchasing, I would love to provide an energy clearing to break apart any remaining energetic attachments, so the house is fresh and light and truly yours.

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