The Seller Has Work to Do

Last week, I had the opportunity to provide an energy clearing (also known as space clearing) for a townhome in central Austin. This house had been on and off the market, had a price reduction and had been under contract, but the deal fell through.

The listing agent heard one of my presentations at an Austin Board of Realtors class and decided to hire me as a different approach to selling since other efforts were not working.

The Realtor gave me the lockbox code to enter the house. When I pulled up into the driveway and was getting out of my car, I immediately got psychic information about the house. As I was getting my supplies out of the car, I looked up at the other townhome and thought “The neighbor doesn’t want this house to sell.”

When I get psychic information, it most often comes to me as either words or phrases that I hear in my own voice. They sort of “pop in” and are noticeably different to me than the regular mind chatter we all experience. The other common way I get information is through images that I see either with my eyes open (they are sort of transparent) or with my eyes closed, where the images sort of float in.

While I was in the home, I felt a lot of very negative energy in an alcove of the house, which was designed as an office area with a built-in desk. The negative energy was so heavy, it made my skin tingle, particularly on my arms. I even said out loud “Oh, I don’t like that.”  I laid down two crystal grids in the area and spent a lot of extra time focused on clearing that particular section of the house.

I always clear the outside of a home during an energy clearing as well. Townhomes can be tricky, because sometimes they are part of a long row where it isn’t necessarily feasible to clear the entire exterior of all of them. Luckily this townhome was only part of a two unit building. When I cleared the outside of the home, I tried to bring unity to the entire building, mending any rifts that existed between the owner and the neighbor with whom I sensed the animosity.

After a clearing, I always give the Realtor or home owner a report about what I did and what I sensed, any psychic information I received, plus my recommendations. I also like to check in to get validation about the psychic information I received.  

In this instance, I called the Realtor and I asked him if he knew anything about the neighbor. I told him I felt like there was some sort of animosity that was preventing the home sale. He validated that there was an issue with the neighbor. He said that the two townhomes had their own HOA, but that neither the owner nor the neighbor had been putting money into the HOA fund. They both decided to list their homes for sale around the same time and discovered there were external repairs that needed to be done to get the properties ready for the sale. They had been arguing about who was responsible for paying for the repairs, and the home owner of the townhome I cleared wound up paying for the entire building to be repainted.

I told the Realtor that the home owner needed to try to make amends with the neighbor, because until that happened the house wasn’t going to sell.

I cleared the home utilizing all of my skills, and felt confident I removed the discord that I felt in the office alcove. At this point, it was up to the seller to utilize the psychic information I was able to provide to get the home sold. Often, the seller, home owner or business owner has work to do after I’m done with my clearing. I remove the stuck, stagnant emotions and frequencies from the home. I provide them with beneficial additional information that is their responsibility to follow up on. They too have work to do.

If you have a home that isn’t selling and you don’t know why, I’d love to clear the home and provide you with psychic information that you can use to know how to best spend your time and money to get the home sold.

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