The Geyser in the Garage

I recently conducted a remote energy clearing for a house in Denver (meaning I conducted the energy clearing via distance work. I wasn’t physically in the house). While I wasn’t physically in the house for the clearing, I have been in this house before, although I haven’t been in every room, so I know its layout fairly well.

I connected to the house energetically through different “tools” that I utilized, which include distance Reiki and other methods I have for distance work. I decided to start the energy clearing (also known as a space clearing) in the garage and then work my way through the house, starting in the basement and then moving up through the two floors of the house.

When I energetically scanned the garage, I noticed a very dark mass, which I presumed to be an entity, near the side door of the garage that leads out to the side yard. I tried dispersing the mass but wasn’t able to do it quickly, so I decided to continue with the clearing, moving into the interior of the house.

I went into the basement (which is one part of the house I haven’t been in when I’ve visited in person) and saw, through clairvoyance, that there was a crack in the foundation. This house has a history of foundation issues. It is in the Denver foothills and sits atop a bed of rock that is shifting. The owners have had the foundation repaired, but the house will continue to shift over time. I knew intuitively that the house is upset by what has happened to its foundation and doesn’t feel loved.

I continued to clear the rest of the house and didn’t find any anomalies, but when I was in the older daughter’s bedroom, the phrase “astral travel” popped into my mind. I do know that the daughter has always had trouble falling asleep, to the point of being described as insomnia. I suspect that she may be either astral traveling, or is somehow afraid of astral travel, and that is preventing her from falling asleep or feeling like she has been asleep.

I returned to the garage to remove the entity and had to spend quite a bit of time dispersing/removing it. Eventually, I realized I need to draw up earth energy to remove the entity. This appeared to me as an image of a small geyser of light shooting up out of the floor of the garage in the place where the entity was. I decided to leave the geyser there, to remain shooting out this beneficial energy and keep the entity from returning.

After I was done working, I called the client with my report and some suggestions. I told her that since the house was upset about the foundation issues, she and her daughters should go in the basement, hold hands and imagine sending love to the crack in the foundation (which the client verified does actually exist). I told her they also need to verbally tell the house how much they love it and tell it that they are sorry it has been hurt and upset.

When I told my client about the “astral travel” and the entity in the garage, my client told me some interesting things. She told me that her daughter has always wanted to astral travel. She has talked about how amazing she thinks this would be! Also, that same daughter, who is now a teenager, has always been afraid to go into the garage by herself. They have lived in this house her entire life.

My client told me she wasn’t planning on telling her daughter about the entity I removed in the garage. She said she wanted to see if her daughter would say anything noting a difference or would start going into the garage without fear.

About six weeks after I conducted the clearing, out of the blue, her daughter said “I just realized I’m not afraid to go into the garage anymore!” Wahoo! I call that success.

heather riderComment