Firing an Employee is No Bed of Roses

In February, I received a phone call to provide an energy clearing for a local Austin florist. The owner’s daughter was actually the one who called me because it was the week before Valentine’s Day and the florist was knee deep in flowers!

I arranged a time to conduct the clearing at the shop on the weekend when the shop was closed. The florist and I made the arrangements via text because she was so busy.

When I got to the shop, I discovered about eight employees working feverishly making rose bouquets in preparation for Valentine’s Day.

There were rose leaves from the stems all over the floor, thousands of them. It was rather astounding.

I didn’t realize that all of the employees were going to be there, since the florist and I hadn’t chat on the phone. I couldn’t conduct an energy clearing (also known as a space clearing) with so many people in such a small space.

The florist and I went into her office to discuss why she needed a clearing (I still didn’t know since we had only chatted minimally via text). I found out that she had hired a part time employee through the Texas Workforce Commission. The florist was trying to help a woman who had past issues become gainfully employees.

After the woman started working at the shop, the florist found out she had past issues of aggression and physical altercations at a previous place of employee. The florist didn’t feel comfortable having the woman work there.

She waited until the woman’s case worker was at the shop and then fired her. The woman became combative and wound up throwing a vase across the room. After she left, she called the shop multiple times a day and left threatening voice messages.

The florist and her assistant were incredibly distraught and traumatized, understandably.

In addition to the fired employee, the florist had recently had a fire on the back of her property. A power line fell down and caught the fence on fire that separated her property from a home owner’s property that is catty-corner to her lot.

The home owner had been very upset with the florist and was blaming her for the fire and they were not on good terms. The florist didn’t understand the animosity, since it was a downed power line that caused the issue.

I explained that I can conduct energy clearings via distance methods, that I don’t have to be physically in the space to do my work.

The florist was so in need of purging the negative experience in the shop that she agreed to the distance method, since her employees were working extra-long hours to get ready for Valentine’s Day.

I immediately went home and started the energy clearing for the shop. I cleared the energy in the shop, noticing there was a lot of energy at the checkout counter. I speculated that because buying flowers tends to be a very emotional gift, the energy of that emotion is persisting at the checkout counter.

I also did a lot of work out on the property. I did pick up on areas of discord outside in two locations – one where the fired employee and the florist were talking about the situation of being let go, and another area around the location where the florist said the fire occurred.

At the fire location I put what I call an “implant”. It’s a psychic energetic tool that I use to keep the energy work continuing after I’m gone. My implant was a sprinkler (the kind that sprays a water arc) that was shooting a rainbow arc.

That magic sprinkler remains there, still working today!

heather riderComment