Office Attrition and the Cursed Cubes

I was hired to conduct an energy clearing at a recruiting firm recently. The employee had seen the write-up about my work on Culture Map Austin and was intrigued.

She felt that her office needed an energy clearing (also known as a space clearing) for a variety of reasons. The first was that there had been a lot of attrition recently. A third party recruiter is essentially a sales person, so a higher than average attrition rate is fairly normal. Either place some candidates, or you’ll lose your job. Not everyone is cut out for this type of work.

But, this company had an unusual number of employees leave and one staff member was fired. So, there had been a lot of turnover in the office, plus fear. If one person is fired, everyone else starts to think they might be fired too.

Another reason she wanted an energy clearing is that the “numbers” overall had been down. The company didn’t have as many candidates in the pipeline as usual, which means less placements, which means less revenue.

And this circles back to the fear of being fired.

There had also been some power struggles between the founder and another high level employee. These struggles weren’t openly talked about with the staff, but the office is rather small, and everyone knew what was going on, even if the Execs weren’t openly talking about it.

This withholding of information was creating some generally bad vibes, on top of all the other heavy feelings that were already going on.

Before I started the clearing, the employee told me there were some particular cubes that were “cursed.” She said that anyone who sat in those cubes didn’t seem to stay with the company for very long. I stopped her before she pointed to the cubes, because I wanted to find out if I could sense which ones were cursed during the space clearing.

As I started the energy clearing (which I was doing after-hours) some interesting things came to the surface of my awareness:

The reception area had a very disingenuous feeling, a sort of “fake smile” if you will. I couldn’t tell if it was from the job candidates who came to the office, or from the employees greeting those candidates.

Their conference room (which had an amazing view of the 360 Bridge and Downtown Austin) was a neutral territory and voices generally “felt heard” there.

The boss’ office (which he kept locked because he didn’t want me going in there) was a very separate space energetically. He literally and metaphorically kept himself segregated from the other staff.

I picked up on some discord in three particular cubes and I suspected those were the ones that were “cursed.”

Another locked office contained the energy of a “money maker.” I knew this guy was either the CFO or an amazing sales person.

There was a room with couches that had a very heavy, sleepy feeling in it. I suspected people napped on the couches.

Finally, I knew specific things about specific employees from their cubes. For example, one woman had a very sunny disposition and is an optimist. Another employee was very worried about something going on in her life.

I was able to clear the discordant, energetic frequencies of these rooms and spaces. I was accurate in detecting the “cursed” cubes. In one of the cubes that I felt a particular vibe, the employee had quit very recently. In another cube, there had been a succession of employees that didn’t stay with the company for long.

The two employees that were there during the clearing told me that the office felt so much lighter and clearer. They could feel the change occur while I was working!

To help keep the office clear, I told the employees to regularly ring a cow bell (they had one on a table as part of a sales tool, to “ring the cowbell” when a deal closed) in each room of the office at the end of each week.

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