Salon Suites and Stylists

I was hired to conduct an energy clearing in a “salon suites” in south Austin recently. If you’re not familiar with the concept, a salon suites is essentially a bunch of mini salons inside a big building. One service professional rents an individual suite.

The concept has caught on over the past year because stylists love having their own mini salon, being in business for themselves, and have a lot of privacy because they aren’t renting a chair in a salon, but are instead renting their own room.

The owners of the salon suites hired me to conduct the energy clearing (also known as a space clearing) because they wanted to energetically make the space feel great to prospective tenants.

When I conducted the clearing, the suites were still under construction, but almost complete. The official opening day was about 3-4 days away. About five stylists had already signed a lease.

The salon has 31 suites available for rent, so the owners still had a lot of suites to fill!

When I conducted the clearing, I used my “standard protocol” for the energy clearing: a hand bell, a pendulum, crystal grids, a diffuser with palo santo and frankincense essential oils and Reiki.

I also use my psychic abilities in a space clearing in order to detect and clear energetic blocks and low level, contracted emotions from the space.

What I detected and found really interesting, was that in the individual suites that had already been rented (but where not yet occupied), the stylists had already “attached” themselves energetically to their space.

Their enthusiasm and emotional attachment to the space created the energetic attachment that I picked up on.

While this attachment isn’t inherently “bad”, it can be problematic, because prospective renters can also feel the attachment (most likely not realizing it, unless they are very intuitive and energetically inclined) when they are touring the space.

If the prospective renter is considering a suite that is next to one of the suites that is already rented, that prospect may not want to rent if the energy of the stylist who has attached him/herself there doesn’t feel good.

Or maybe, it’s just the opposite.

That existing renter’s energy may feel great to the prospect and that could sway the prospect into signing a lease. The prospect won’t know why, but will just get a good “feeling” about a particular suite.

My goal in conducting the energy clearing is to clear out all energetic attachments and low level, discordant energies. Really, one can’t go wrong with having the entire space a “blank slate” so to speak.

That feeling is one that would that would resonate with anyone, and opens up the possibility of anyone feeling at home in the suites.

As I often do, I recommended that the owners regularly ring a bell through the entire space to assist in keeping the energy clear in the salon suites. There are going to be 31 professionals working there. There will be all of their clients (often times women have a ton of emotional catharsis during a styling) with their own energy coming in and out.

That is A LOT of energy that will be coming in and out of the salon suites. Maintaining that “blank slate” is essential so that the owners can rent out any empty suites, and so that existing renters want to stay.