Why is Sage All the Rage?

I was recently watching “Dead to Me”, a Netflix show. One of the main characters was burning sage as part of an energy clearing ritual in a small guest house she was staying in. Her friend, and owner of the house, was watching her do the ritual from her kitchen wind and had a perplexed look on her face, a look that said “SHE’S CRAZY!”

Sage has been getting a lot of notice lately. It’s common to see characters burning sage on TV or in the movies. You can even buy sage at many Whole Foods stores!

But why is sage used in energy clearings (also known as space clearings) includes the clearings that I perform?

Sage is not just “woo-woo”; there are many reasons why sage is a powerful tool. Burning sage is a very old method of purifying a space, dating back thousands of years.

One practical purpose of sage is that it clears bacteria in the air. Scientific studies have shown its usefulness for this purpose. Also, sage releases negative ions in the air when burned, which can elevate people’s moods.

The primary reason I use sage in an energy clearing has to do with that changing of the iconic composition of the air. Our emotions can be contracted, or “low level”, or they can be high vibration or “expansive.”

Examples of contracted emotions are fear, jealousy, anger and resentment.

Contracted emotions are dense and heavy and can get trapped in a home or business. They particularly get stuck in corners of rooms, where people don’t typically walk through.

Burning sage changes the ionic composition of the air, removing the dense and heavy contracted emotions. Which in turn, elevates people’s moods, as mentioned before.

If you want your space to feel good, I’d love to work with you to provide an energy clearing for your space!

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