Removing Discordant Energies Through Energy Clearing

Did you know that human emotions have an energetic frequency? Yep, emotions vibrate on the hertz frequency.

Pretty fascinating stuff!

Fear, despair, guilt and shame are some of the lowest frequency emotions. These type of emotions can also be called contracted, dense, or discordant.

These are the emotions that make a home or business feel icky. They feel heavy and are noticeable to people when they walk into a space, whether or not they are consciously aware of it or not.

Think about the expression “Tension so thick, you could cut it with a knife.” This expression is referring to the heavy, discordant emotions that are present in a room when people are at odds or in an argument.

When I’m conducting an energy clearing (also known as a space clearing), I am removing these heavy, stuck emotions from a space. These discordant emotions tend to get stuck in corners of rooms in particular.

You may be wondering what the opposite type of emotions are. Those are expansive, or high vibration emotions. They make a space feel really great.

Examples are peace, love, joy and gratitude.

So, when I conduct an energy clearing, not only do I remove the discordant, low-level energies, I also infuse the space with love and light.

Clear out the junk, then send in the love…

People state that they can feel a noticeable difference in a space after I’ve done an energy clearing. This is because I’ve removed the heavy emotions and have embedded high vibrations. Feels great!

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