The Problem with Rentals

As an energy healer who conducts energy clearings, I’m often called to clear homes that were formerly rentals. Most often, the client is moving into a home that she either owned and was renting out, or was a rental owned by another person.

Here’s the problem with rentals: there is A LOT of other people’s energy in the house. Most often, rentals have multiple tenants in a short succession of time.

People moving in. People moving out.

So there is a high concentration of numerous people’s energy in the house. Add in all their stuff (physical belongings, especially those where the owner has a high emotional attachment, can be an energetic drain in the house) and you’ve got a soup of too much energetic residue.

I was recently called to conduct an energy clearing (also known as a space clearing or house blessing) in South Austin. The client was actually the mother of the owner.

Her son had the house as a rental. His mom relocated to Austin from California, and he moved her into the house.

She was astute enough to know that since the house had been a rental for years, it really needed an energy clearing.

When I conducted the clearing, I noticed that there was still some energetic residue in two of the bedrooms, which I think had been used by teenagers. Since teenagers can have a lot of emotional ups and downs, those rooms can be prone to needing some extra energetic clearing love.

I was able to clear the house and make the client feel like she could make the space her own, unencumbered by all of the previous inhabitants’ energies.

If you own a rental, I highly suggest that you clear the house to the best of your abilities (or hire me!) at each tenant turnover. If your house is vacant between tenants, the clearing will help your house rent faster and not sit on the market.

If you are moving into a house that was previously a rental (or you are the new renter), you definitely want to have the house cleared so that you can make your new home feel like it’s your own space.

You’ll feel more harmonious, experience better communication and be more productive after the clearing!

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