Curing Bad Dreams with Energy Clearings

A number of times, potential clients have reached out to me about an energy clearing (also known as space clearing) for their home because their young child is having bad dreams or nightmares.

The bad dreams happen so frequently over time that the parent starts to realize that something abnormal is going on. The child may be having bad dreams almost nightly, with no explanation about why they are occurring.

The child hadn’t seen or heard anything overly scary – there doesn’t seem to be a known cause of the dreams. And since they are continuing, instead of stopping, the parent is thinking there may be something in the environment that is causing the dreams.

So they reach out to me, and energy healer, to discuss whether or not an energy clearing might help.

They answer is always yes.

Why? Emotions have an energetic frequency to them. They can either be high vibration (examples are gratitude, love and joy). High vibration emotions feel good.

Or, emotions can be contracted, or low vibration. Examples are resentment, fear and anger. Contracted emotions are dense, heavy and don’t feel good. Not only that, contracted emotions stay in a physical place because they are heavy.

People can feel these different types of emotions in a physical space.

Kids? They are particularly sensitive to the other people’s feelings and the feelings in physical spaces. Think about kids and how different they are from adults.

Their perspective is so different, and they often are incredibly astute at picking up on things. They obviously don’t have worldly knowledge yet, so how do they know what they know?

They are picking up on the energetic exchange that is happening between people. They are picking up on an individual’s feelings and emotions.

And, they are picking up on the “vibe” of a place.

So, if there are trapped, contracted emotions in their house, they can feel those. And those dense, heavy emotions don’t feel good.

Our dream state is a different level of consciousness than when we’re awake, so the child is even more susceptible to the feeling of the physical space while they are asleep. They are picking up on the imbalance, resulting in bad dreams or nightmare.

An energy clearing in the home will remove the stuck, stagnant, dense emotions. Once the space is feeling high vibration, the child will feel better, and will then be able to sleep better.

heather riderComment